Scrabble Cheat Words With Friends Board-A Report

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There are those of you out there who are  addicted to the challenging, and exciting, recently revived pastime, of the game of scrabble. And now, here you are trying to find a good scrabble cheat to make your life a lot less stressful when you find a way to beat that opponent that is always just one step ahead of you. An important thing to remember when you are playing against a clever opponent, is to monitor the way they play their game, and their strategy style that helps them get more points. Just remember that you too will get better the more you play, and in time you will also pose a real threat to other opponents that dare to challenge you. I have listed a few scrabble hints for those of you who think you need a scrabble cheat to get more points, but really it is just another way to improve your this site

Remember that  points are more important than words when you’re playing scrabble, for example, if you have letters for “verse”, but using them to make the word “serve” gives you more points because of where they land on the board, then do that. Believe it or not, this is a very important learning curve, and you need to train yourself to be aware of  it.

Keep in mind that the smallest words can be just as lethal on the board as a big one. Very often the first and last letter of a small word will be tiles of a bigger value, like box, or cab, so always be on the lookout for that advantage.

Making multiple words is another great way to earn big points, and often can be done by using only one letter, which can be very advantageous at the end of a game when you only have a couple of tiles left. This requires a keen practiced eye and also comes with experience. Using an ‘S’ or a ‘D’ to connect two words, or making smaller two letter words such as ‘HE’ and ‘IT’ while making the word ‘HINGE’ against a word that ends with ‘ET’ such as ‘SOCKET’ will get you more points than the word ‘HINGE’ alone. This was just an example, and you can do that with a lot of words. Adding ‘Z’ against ‘ONE’ to make another word such as ‘ZOOM’ gives you 20 points with the ‘Z’ alone, and more if it is placed on a double or triple letter score.

When you place letters on a double or triple word score, their value is greatly increased, and in turn so does their overall score. As I have already pointed out, placing a high earning tile on a double or triple letter square will help you score better, but you probably think that you can only make a few words with these letters, well think again.

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K:Knife, Knives, Kite(s), Kit, Kind, Kinder, Kindest, Stink, Brink, Clink, Click,

Clicked, Licked, Ticked

J:Juice, Juicer, Juices, Jumble, Jagged, Joint, Joined, Joinery, Jester, Jut,

Jutting, Jet, Jetty

X:Excuse, Exotic, Oxidize, Anxious, Axis, Axial, Dexter, Exit, Tax, Taxed, Taxi,

Oxen, Exodus, Boxing, Box, Boxed, Coax, Hoax

Q:Quirk, Quiet, Quite, Quiz, Aquatic, Acquire, Squid, Squirt, Equip, Quip, Quire,

Quest, Qualm, Quail, Query, Inquire, Require

Z: Zone, Zoom, Zany, Zest, Zesty, Azure, Dazed,

Haze, Raze, Gaze, Graze, Prize, Gauze, Zipper, Fazed, Size

These are just some of bigger, better words that you can make with high score letters. A good idea is to keep a notebook handy and write them all down. This is not really a scrabble cheat but just an excellent way for you to start strategizing, and there are many more that you can come up with. I hope this has all been of help to you, and that your scrabble game will be much improved , so go ahead and try some of it out.